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                    Any Moment Photography

About me

   My name is Luis Hernandez.  I was born in Dominican Republic and grew up in NYC. I reside in North Carolina now.  I have always had a vision for seeing life creatively, I love to create moments, and I want to share what I see. 

      I love to travel. My passion in photography is working with couples, seniors, portraits, maternity, engagements, bridals & weddings, but my number one job is as a husband to my beautiful wife, and loving father to my two kids.

I believe in laughing often, loving the LORD with all your heart, being devoted to family, and making moments that last in your heart a lifetime. I love  meeting new people, and getting know to them. I enjoy getting to know their story and develop a true friendship with my clients.

    I started photography when my little girl was born. I just wanted to capture every moment, her first smile, her first bath, her first steps, and I did. Then my little boy was born, and little did I know my passion for photography was taking off. I started to study more, learn techniques, watch tons of tutorials, and just shoot every chance I could. JESUS has blessed me with a gift and passion to create moments. and I want to share those moments with the world. I have learned through experiences that life is very, very short and very fragile. So I try to live my life for today and not worry so much about yesterday or tomorrow. I would love to work with you, so let's make moments.


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Photographer: Luis Hernandez

Location: Based in North Carolina but travel anywhere